Jan 22, 2011

Pizza for breakfast... Isn't that for adults?

So child #2 is turning 6 next week and this morning I wanted to take him to McDonalds for a special treat. He was hungry before we left and on the table was a pizza from last night (no, it didn't get put away, and yes, it was kind of dry - and you know you've left dinner out too so feel free to think the token "ew!" and then move on). He wanted to eat a piece in the car on the way to Mickey D's and I tell him that he can have the pizza or his special breakfast treat - not both. The most sincere pleading ensued of how hungry he was and couldn't wait until we got there to eat. I caved. We got in the car - piece of pizza and all.

We decided to go in so he could look at the menu. He chooses a Sausage Egg McMuffin with OJ. Promptly drank 3/4 of the OJ and wouldn't touch the sandwich. Next time I shall stick to my parental instincts and just treat myself! I'm not interested in becoming friends with angst - at least not too often.

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