Apr 28, 2008

Where Oh Where Is My Camera?

I felt it was time for a new post but my camera has been misplaced and I'm going through withdrawals! So can everyone say a little prayer for us? I'm sure that it's cold and lonely and crying on it's big "pilla" every night because it's one purpose in life is not being fulfilled! Thanks for reading my plea and I really wasn't kidding about saying a prayer. Talk about stressful! That thing isn't cheap!

Apr 20, 2008

Good times & Cake

We hosted an open house for Dad and Lynne. Kami was able to come for it so we enjoyed goofing around with Lonnie too.

After the party we had so much cake left over that we needed to find a new use for it versus eating it all! We call it "Calorie Free Cake."

Some"bunny" loves you

Easter was great this year. For play group that week we had an egg hunt over at my friend Shauna's house. Emily and Avery had a great time with friends.

Emily, Fiona and Avery

On Easter we got together over at Paka and Mimi's house for a family dinner and another egg hunt in the back yard. We made bunny cupcakes for dessert(thank you Betty Crocker!) and had a wonderful time. We especially enjoyed our time with Paka and Mimi since they had come home the previous weekend.

Cousins! Pierce, Avery and Emily

On a more spiritual note... I think next year we might need to do more focusing on the meaning rather than the pomp and circumstance. Isn't that the goal of every day?

Apr 18, 2008

"Pine-ing" Away

Living in GA makes it nearly impossible to get away from the fact that pretty much the whole state is inundated with trees-- as was the case with our back yard. We decided that if we ever want to get some grass back there that we better get some of them taken down. A few weeks ago we had 10 trees taken out and thus got rid of all the pines!! Yes!! We still have trees back there but at least they won't drop all the junk that pine trees do.

It was fun watching the crew work. We have a gi-normous mulch pile! And now we will start saving for the next phase of the project. Manure! Gotta get that good fertilizer in there so grass can have a chance of growing.

Enjoy the pix!

Apr 11, 2008

From Russia with Love

Paka and Mimi returned from a two year mission in Novosibirsk, Russia on March 20th! Mimi was wearing her mink coat and Paka his heavy coat since it was freezing temperatures when they left! They were so happy to be home and we were so happy to have them home. They were excited to see the new babies that had been born since they left.

It took them 22 hrs of flying time to arrive in the US so they were pretty tired but so excited to see everyone. There were hugs to be had by all!