Jul 14, 2008

Bling it, Baby!

So we finally finished painting Emily's room and "blingin" it out! She had a blast helping me paint and then we finished it off by putting the jewels on the flowers with hot glue.

Thanks to our friends Shauna and Fiona for helping! She loves her room!

This picture is a painting I got on my mission from an artist that lived in our complex at the time. I thought it was time to put it to use.

Jul 10, 2008

4th of July!

So for the 4th we decided to join the rest of the state of GA at Stone Mountain. My new sister-in-law has never been there so most of our gang treked down there for the experience. And boy was it an experience.

We had a fabulous time with everyone with the exception of the 4 hours we spent in traffic getting in and out of the park. Joy. Other than that, we really enjoyed each other's company and had a fun memorable experience-- and most of us got a little more work done on our tans (or lack thereof in my case).

Avery fell asleep during the fireworks

This is how dad spent the 4th-- on a blanket catching a few zzzzzz's

Emily, Pierce and Avery

Trying to work the paddle balls

Steele enjoying watermelon

Tooth Fairy.... Finally!

So we've been waiting and waiting for Emily's tooth to fall out and last night she got tired of waiting and wiggled it until it finally came out! Can you see her little tooth in her hand?

She was elated when she woke up and saw what the "Tooth Fairy" and given her. A gold $1 coin!! (Man, I only got a quarter when I was little!)