Jan 10, 2011

It's snowing... again

Hello friends and Fam! I'm actually posting to my blog since it's a new year and time to start updating people in more than a one-sentence update on Facebook.

Andrew and I are up late and enjoying the wonderment that is falling outside for the second time in two weeks. We had a magical Christmas with snow on Christmas day and now snow tonight which means another snow day tomorrow! I fully plan to play with the kids, watch movies, make cookies... whatever strikes our fancy. I'm sure we'll be enjoying our Kinect as well. It's too late to post pics (too dark outside) but hopefully we'll get some tomorrow of us romping in all the white goodness that abounds. In Andrew's words, as we were looking out the back door to the back yard, he said, "Our yard doesn't look quite so crappy with all that snow." Hopefully by next year our grass will have decided to pro-create and get a move-on with filling in the yard with something that is actually green. :-)

I have intentions of getting another blog going to post some of my artwork that I have done recently and also some that I did awhile ago. I'll post when I get that show on the road but don't hold your breath.

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CarrieAnne said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere!!Looking forward to future posts.