Aug 12, 2008

I have a Kindergartener!

It was Emily's first day and not a single tear was shed (by her or the mom!) Here are a few moments from the bus stop.... I'm not old enough to have a kid going to school, right? I think Avery will miss her!

Breaking Dawn Par-tay!

So last weekend I took a little road trip up to SC with my friends Shauna and Stephanie for the release party of Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Steph flew in from Kansas to go with us (thanks Mark for giving her up for the weekend!) and we picked her up and headed to do some shopping at the outlets on the way.

We made it to my friend Gabby's house and picked her up and headed up to Easley to the party which was at this little independent bookstore called Poor Richard's Booksellers. It was so much fun! Laura, who runs the store, had so many fun things set up around the store that had to do with the book. We had a great time playing games, talking, getting hardly any sleep and engrossing ourselves in the book! Thanks Gabby for hosting us! Thanks gals for an awesome weekend!

Shauna looking Hawt! (or perhaps sleepy?)
Steph trying to draw so we can guess the clue
Gabby and I with our pretty smiles
Shauna as one of the Volturi
Our gang with a few people posing as characters from the book (Alice and Jasper)

Gabby, myself, Laura, Steph, Shauna
Steph and Shauna providing entertainment for the evening
Myself, Shauna, Steph, Jana, Kristi