Jun 22, 2008

Funky Tooth

So Emily has a permanent funny little tooth trying to come in and our dentist-friend says the baby tooth needs yanked so it can come in. I had to get a picture of one of those rare weird -but cool- things that happens. Can you see it? It's the bottom tooth that's right in front of the red bump.

Andrew's "Baby"

Need I say more? He built it and the kids love it and I'm trying to keep the Poison Ivy from invading it. Thanks to our neighbor down the street for hooking us up with a fair amount of the pieces! Thanks a lot Barry!

So long... *sniff, sniff*

My good friend Steph moved to Kansas last weekend. I will miss her greatly but thank goodness for email, phones and planes! Love you Steph! Shauna and I miss you like crazy!

As a farewell present Shauna and I went "thriftin" and got her some new shoes to remember us by.


So this year the annual Father/Son camp out turned into a Father/Children camp out and Andrew took both the kids. They had a great time. (Thanks Steph for loaning us the stuff!)

Father's Day

So we took a few pix for Father's Day and we gave a few to Andrew after he enjoyed a nice breakfast in bed. I failed to get pictures of that event, but Andrew's not complaining so I'll just put the pix of the kids up!

A few candids by the kids...

Jun 17, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

So it's been awhile since our last post and this is what we've been up to... SWIM TEAM!
Our first year of swim team has been so fun and very busy. Emily gets to swim and actually compete since she's five. (Four and under just get to mostly practice)

We have several friends we know from church that are on the team and we've been having fun swimming with them every day and also getting to make new friends.

The swim meets are really fun and exciting. Emily cracks me up so much when she's in the middle of swimming in an event. Instead of just concentrating on swimming from one end to the other she makes sure to take time and look around to see who's cheering for her and to get a little wave in to her friends! I hope to actually capture this moment in a picture.

The swim team is so great and they give ribbons to each child for participating no matter what the outcome!