Jan 23, 2011

After a weekend has passed, the kids are usually at each others' throats and itching to get back into the routine of school as is demonstrated by their "loving words" towards one another. This weekend has been no different but tonight there was a pleasant surprise.

They were both in the kitchen trying to finish up their dinner and doing a good bit of messing around in the process. We warned them several times to calm down but the situation escalated and Avery was told to come into the living room and put his nose in the corner. He stood there, nose in corner, defiantly stomping his foot. Emily was then called in to explain why she shouldn't be in a corner as well. After a brief attempt to excuse herself, she finally admitted that she should be in the corner also. At this point Avery almost leaped out of the corner and started tearfully pleading on her behalf saying that he would stand in the corner for her. He finished with a tearful "I don't want her to be in the corner, I love her!" It was so tender and sweet and gave us a glimpse that perhaps all the hours of teaching have not been in vain. *Sigh*


The Pollocks! said...

Awwww. Love that!!

Adventures in Kamalot said...

miss you guys! i love reading your "from the mouth of babes" quotes. hilarious.