Mar 5, 2007

January & February Celebrations!

January and February are big birthday months in our family. Avery celebrated his 2nd birthday already! We made him cupcakes and had some friends over. He was scared of the the candle!

My friend Margo Swartz and I celebrated our birthday with our husbands at Dante's Down the Hatch in Buckhead. It's a fondue restaurant and we really enjoyed our fun evening out!

I caught Emily and Avery filling the tub with water. She had dressed Avery in one of her swimsuits so I had to snap a picture!

For Valentine's Day the kids and I went and had lunch with Andrew and we surprised him with some new pictures we had taken for his desk at work. I've included a sampling of some of them. We had a really good time. The picure of Avery holding the Curious George and wearing the overall suit has significant meaning. It's a recreation of what Andrew was wearing when he was adopted from Korea. His mom saved the outfit for him and we put it on Avery. He too was carrying a Curious George.

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