Mar 17, 2008


Avery decided to "paint" our windows for us today in celebration of St. Patrick's day (not really but it's a nice thought). Any guesses as to what it is? Look below the picture for the answer.

Cream Cheese!

Whistle While You Work

Emily actually ASKED if she could help me clean so I had to capture this moment for sure! Who know how many more there will be? I'm already having visions of teenage-hood where there will not be any hint whatsoever of a desire to clean so I shall memorialize this moment! She was excited to wash her first cookie sheet and mop the floor!

The Playroom

On Fridays we have a group of friends that get together for a playgroup. This day we went to a place called The Playroom where there are lots of physical activities for the kids to do including a foam pit, trampolines, balance beams, blown-up jumping activities and fun to be had all around.
Here are a few pix of the kids having fun with friends. Avery wasn't too excited to leave.

Mar 16, 2008


The Oreo eating process for a 3 year-old is quite the feet and can be an exhausting experience for all those involved.

Step 1- Taste the cookie

Step 2- Complain that you only started with one cookie

Step 3- Pause to recognize photo op (no smiling of course, this is serious business)

Step 4- Choose to continue eating first cookie

Step 5- Give mom the "eye" because you think that she wants your cookie (you're right about that)

Step 6- Have a refreshing drink of milk

Step 7- Revel in the experience

Little Helpers

The kids wanted to help Andrew in the garage so he got them all set up. They were so excited to wear safety goggles and Emily in her cooking apron. (I have no idea what he was planning on having them do that would entail a cooking apron! I certainly hope it doesn't involve preparing food!)

Just playin' around

Emily convinced Avery to put a dress-up dress on and do a play with her. It didn't take much convincing because he loves to do everything she does. I just hope he doesn't hold it against me later for posting these photos!

Love.... exciting and new (at least 7 years ago)

On March 3rd Andrew and I celebrated our 7-year anniversary! I can't believe that it's been that long already. We had agreed that we wouldn't get each other anything but when he came home from work he surprised me with one dozen long stem roses! I was totally taken back for two reasons...

(1 ) If you know Andrew, buying flowers is typically NOT a first purchase because they are one of the most impractical things you can get.

(2) He didn't get them from a store (no he didn't cut them off somebody's bush!) He works close to the intersection of West Paces Ferry and Northside Pkwy and there is a guy that is out there every day selling roses. For years we have seen this guy and wondered how on earth he's able to make a good living doing that day in and day out. It seemed like hard work for little pay so Andrew decided to buy the roses from him. When he was telling me about this guy he said that he was one of the happiest people he's ever met. He was so excited to be able to be out there just to sell roses and he was anxious to tell him how to care for them so they would last longer. For me, that was sweet experience that made our anniversary so memorable.

In seven years we have had 2 kids, moved 5 times, lived in 2 states, owned 6 cars, made a million memories and learned from every moment. I hope the next seven are just as memorable. I love you, honey!

Mar 3, 2008

Weekend in Clemson

I took Emily and Avery up to Clemson this weekend so Andrew could have a much needed break to work on his thesis! Two years later he is still working on it. There will definitely be partying going on when it's completed!!

We had such a great time visiting friends and I wished I could have gotten pictures of everyone we saw! We miss you guys!! Thanks for a great weekend!