Nov 20, 2008

Some thoughts... and gratitude... and my new job

So I haven't posted very much lately because at the beginning of Oct my life got much busier. I started working for a family as their Jack-of-all-trades. I cook, clean, help with kids, run errands, and organize. They are so wonderful to me and I couldn't ask for a better job that provides more flexibility than I could dream of... and they are so nice to me about my cooking when I know it really wasn't something to write home about! (Although  I do have to say that the pork loin I made this week was indeed quite tasty :-) Also, Avery goes with me and Bridget (who works from home) has the patience of a Saint with all his boyish ways while I'm there making things tidy. So thank you Bridget and Bill. You are a blessing in my family's and my life. I love you guys!

And to the rest of those that check this blog I hope to catch up with you guys soon! I've been choosing a little more sleep over a little more computer time. 

Tomorrow is Emily's Kindergarten program. It's going to be so cute! More to come... maybe :-)

Nov 9, 2008

New York, Baby

We had a great time in New York at the beginning of October. We went for Andrew's sister's wedding. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time celebrating and seeing friends and family.  Andrew and Emily's birthdays were that week so we celebrated those as well. 

We were able to go into the city and spend some time at the Central Park Zoo, Central Park and the Museum of Natural History. We enjoyed good times and most especially good food! We had yummy Italian, Chinese and Korean food. I tried Water Lilly root, Mackerel and Anchovies for the first time. It was delicious and well worth the weight-gain :-)

We also had a chance to visit with friends that we knew in Clemson who have moved to Danbury, Ct and Pennsylvania.  Thanks guys for driving over from Pennsylvania! And Megan you have a beautiful home!

People are knocking down old houses in my in-laws neighborhood and building what my MIL calls "Palazzo's". I had to get a pic of what they look like. Really ridiculous and out of place compared to what is all around.

Museum of Natural History

My in-laws favorite Italian restaurant in Clintonville

Cousin Alex and Emily

Wendy, Jenny and Megan (friends from college)
Andrew, Matt and Ben (friends from college)
Avery couldn't handle all the partying at the reception
Emily and new cousin-in-law

The coy pond in the reception hall. It was beautiful.

Amelia, Ivan and their son Alex. Amelia's brother Anthony.

Hangin' out at Central Park

Sleeping on the subway after a long day of playing

At the Zoo

Chasing pigeons in Central Park

Emily's surprise cake! 

Oct 5, 2008

Labor Day

For Labor Day we got together with some friends we haven't seen in quite awhile. We had a great time talking and playing games. Some of us got a good nap! Here's Stacy's husband, Barry giving us a great example :-) Thanks for a great time guys!

Cleanin' the bathroom

I always love it when the kids help me around the house so I have to document it 'cause I know it's not going to last as long as I'd like it to!

Avery did a great job on the bathroom!

Fun pix while waiting for Emily to get off the bus

Aug 12, 2008

I have a Kindergartener!

It was Emily's first day and not a single tear was shed (by her or the mom!) Here are a few moments from the bus stop.... I'm not old enough to have a kid going to school, right? I think Avery will miss her!

Breaking Dawn Par-tay!

So last weekend I took a little road trip up to SC with my friends Shauna and Stephanie for the release party of Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Steph flew in from Kansas to go with us (thanks Mark for giving her up for the weekend!) and we picked her up and headed to do some shopping at the outlets on the way.

We made it to my friend Gabby's house and picked her up and headed up to Easley to the party which was at this little independent bookstore called Poor Richard's Booksellers. It was so much fun! Laura, who runs the store, had so many fun things set up around the store that had to do with the book. We had a great time playing games, talking, getting hardly any sleep and engrossing ourselves in the book! Thanks Gabby for hosting us! Thanks gals for an awesome weekend!

Shauna looking Hawt! (or perhaps sleepy?)
Steph trying to draw so we can guess the clue
Gabby and I with our pretty smiles
Shauna as one of the Volturi
Our gang with a few people posing as characters from the book (Alice and Jasper)

Gabby, myself, Laura, Steph, Shauna
Steph and Shauna providing entertainment for the evening
Myself, Shauna, Steph, Jana, Kristi

Jul 14, 2008

Bling it, Baby!

So we finally finished painting Emily's room and "blingin" it out! She had a blast helping me paint and then we finished it off by putting the jewels on the flowers with hot glue.

Thanks to our friends Shauna and Fiona for helping! She loves her room!

This picture is a painting I got on my mission from an artist that lived in our complex at the time. I thought it was time to put it to use.